About Nhlangano Town Council

Nhlangano Town Council, was declared a Town Council in 1994, governed under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The town has been divided according to 6 wards, some of which are residential and businesses sites.
Nhlangano Town Council is formed by a local authority with a body of corporate status established by the Urban Government Act, 1969, and is entrusted with the following general duties as articulated in Section 55 of the Urban Government Act.


The Town Clerk Office presides over the overall administration of the town as well as implementation of Council’s strategic objectives. The office is mandated to ensure that Management is properly supplied with all the information needed to exercise its responsibilities.
It is also responsible for coordinating the activities of Council and the general supervision, control and efficiency of the administration, organization and management of the Town Council departments, sections and branches.
The Town Clerk’s office is also responsible for all communication between the Management and the authority’s departments, sections, branches and communication with the public.
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